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El Horreo de V Suarez

El Hórreo de V. Suárez is our specialty retail store where you can have first-hand access to the thousands of wines that V. Suárez distributes in Puerto Rico. Along with wine, El Hórreo also carries beer, spirits and exquisite items that can cater to any taste. At El Hórreo you can find the prestigious Riedel Brand Glassware. The quality and success of our personal attention at El Hórreo has led to our growth over the years. Based in San Juan, near Metro Office Park and in Ponce. Next time you are tasked with giving a memorable gift, visit us.

For more information about El Hórreo and its many events, seminars, tastings, seasonal baskets or special promotions, contact us.


El Hórreo de V. Suárez contact information:

El Hórreo San Juan

David Matías

Store Manager

Phone:  787.474.1400

Fax:  787.474.1402

Physical Address:
Rexco Industrial Park
150 Calle B
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968

Mailing Address:
P. O. BOX 364588
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

El Hórreo Ponce

Gregory Díaz

Store Manager

Phone:  787.812.3140

Fax:  787.812.3150

Physical Address:
Bo. Pampanos,
Urb. Industrial Reparada, Lote #7
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 7803
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732-7803






El Hórreo de V. Suárez in alliance with CAFA FORMATIONS, an International School of wine and spirits based in Bordeaux, provides the first and only professional curriculum in the island, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity  to become a Certified Wine Sommelier. 


Craft Beer Academy

Craft Beer Academy by V. Suárez is our official category building education platform. We strive to educate the consumer, clients, and the media in all aspects of the craft beer market with consistent and actualized information. Topics discussed include history, styles, ingredients, food pairing, sensory appreciation and brewing.




Beer Gurú is our education platform focused on training “The Industry”, including bartenders and wait staff on all aspects of the Beer category with the purpose of creating an excellent consumer experience with our brands. Topics discussed include brands, styles, proper serving, draft, quality, glassware, food pairing and brewing.




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