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  • Sales Force

    We consider customers to be the lifeblood of our business.

    We provide a professional sales team with great customer knowledge and excellent trade relationships. Our focus on customer programs and store execution is monitored with disciplined on-going performance tracking. Our sales force capabilities are continuously improved with on-going training & development programs. Our “go to market” approach integrates brand and sales strategies at the customer level. Separate sales force ensure category and distribution channel focus.

    V. Suárez Beverages

    Contact: Raúl Marcial, VP Sales Beverages
    • Beer
    • Spirits
    • Wine
    • Non-Alcoholic

    V. Suárez Provisions

    Contact: Wilfredo Sostre, VP Sales Provisions
    • Dry Groceries
    • V. Suárez Chilled – Frozen & Refrigerated Food
    • Household Goods
    • Personal Care
    • Pet

    Product Distribution, Merchandising and Promotions Working Together

    We have a fully staffed promotions team that plans and coordinates trade and consumer promotional activities, and support customers with product information/education, displays, POP material and in-store sampling. 

    We have full category management capabilities to partner with customers to assist in defining category strategies, achieving efficient mix and implementing promotional plans. 

    Merchandising support is coordinated with product delivery and merchandisers assist with restocking, product rotation and quality assurance. 

    Product delivery, promotions, and customer servicing is all integrated to ensure excellence in execution.

  • Marketing Services

    The V. Suárez marketing department plays a vital role in getting products from manufacturers to customers as well as in increasing brand awareness, market penetration and overall relationship with end users.

    We have proven expertise in building brands regardless of size. We partner with suppliers through continuous communication ad alignment on brand strategies and growth plans. Support from supplier is key to the brands’ success. We offer full marketing mix capabilities at consumer and trade levels.

    Brand Managers are responsible for translating the brand marketing plans into customer marketing plans. They provide research and performance monitoring for the brands.

    V. Suárez continuously monitors consumer/customer needs and explores/examines new products to fulfill these needs. Portfolio additions and new products reviews are an everyday activity at V. Suárez.

    Potential products/brands may be submitted for review by providing the following information:

    • Product Description
    • FOB Cost Terms/Conditions
    • Sourcing Information
    • Marketing Support
    • Product and/or label samples

    Contact: Mari Casellas, VP Marketing

    All products manage by the Division must meet applicable Puerto Rico and US Regulations (USDA, USFDA, USBATF)

    Go-to-Market Planning and In-store Promotions

    At V. Suárez we capitalize on our more than 70 years of experience and leadership in food, beverage, personal care, household goods and pet distribution in ways that add value to our suppliers and customers strategically and in our everyday execution. Our “go to market” approach integrates brand and sales strategies at the customer level developing programs tailored to channel and accounts. Because execution is a must, our sales force and marketing teams work as one. Merchandising coincide with delivery integrating both sales and service functions quickly. 

  • Warehouse


    State of the Art Warehouse - V. Suárez Division operates a fully-integrated warehouse facility in the Bayamón Area. Our facility was inaugurated in 2008, and boasts 320,000 square feet of space. Within, it incorporates the product segments of beverages, provisions, and household goods.

    V. Suárez Chilled recently inaugurated a separate warehouse facility in Cataño with more than 80,000 square feet of cold and refrigerated storage space including a fully temperature controlled loading and staging area.

    Our operations group has been consistently rated among the best in class for its level of service in Puerto Rico by both local and national customers. Our industry reputation has been achieved through progressive improvement programs and substantial infrastructure investments both in physical facilities and information systems. V. Suárez Division has a deep distribution reach offering one of highest Direct Store Delivery (DSD) coverages on the Island.

    We ensure supply and on-time delivery based on our global sourcing capabilities and logistics expertise, and we reach our clients through a solid network of independent local transportation fleets.

  • Technology


    V. Suárez Division implemented SAP platform in 2007 and we have been able to achieve significant competitive advantage, through measurable enhanced efficiencies and customer service. Our information systems provide substantial flexibility and integrity in information gathering which is of great value for both our internal management functions as well as for our suppliers and customers. The fully integrated accounting and administration systems contribute to high productivity in all our processes.

    We have automated sales processes with all of our sales force placing orders on smartphones and tablets with proprietary sales management software. We have full EDI capabilities for suppliers and customers.